What should we eat today?

Discover the best food recommended by people you trust.

What should we eat today?

Discover the best food recommended by people you trust.

An app with all the ingredients

¿Qué comemos hoy? Con GoFoodie nunca fue tan fácil evitar las trampas para turistas

What should we eat today?

Filter by distance and easily view the best dishes to try at different restaurants in your area.

¡Nada como la opinión de tus amigos! No falles al encontrar los mejores platos y restaurantes gracias a GoFoodie y tus amigos.

Let the experts surprise you!

Are you a fan of burgers? Are you vegan? Are you vegetarian? Do you have a gluten intolerance? Whatever your need, there is an expert foodie sharing their favorite dishes. Discover the best influencers on GoFoodie and let them guide you with their recommendations.

Make the most of your trips!

Thanks to our map feature you can see the best dishes according to your tourist route. Say goodbye to tourist traps forever! Follow your friends and people you trust to easily see all of their food recommendations.

The restaurant’s speciality is rice but, what about the other dishes?

How often have you wondered about the quality of the other dishes on the menu in a restaurant? Never get it wrong again when ordering thanks to the ratings given by other foodies. Discover the best dishes in each restaurant and make the most of your visit by trying the best food!

Become a reference

Are you an expert in vegan food? Do you know where the best vegetarian food is? Know all the gluten-free spots? Whatever your speciality, share your recommendations on GoFoodie and become a reference for the community.

Enjoy the best food in your city!

Are you craving pizza or sushi? Treat yourself and find the restaurant that makes the best version of your favourite dish

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